Monday, March 20, 2017

Saturday, March 18, 2017

It really is Saturday today! I've been thinking it was Saturday for the past four days. Spring Break, and having Brian and the kids with me all week has messed me up. In a good way.

Brian's sister and her husband and their daughter came yesterday. We sat and visited, went hiking on the trails behind our house, and made homemade pizza. Last night after Margaret got off work, the four of us adults went over to the Oasis Brewery on Lake Travis and had some beers out on the deck until Sam texted to say he was done with work. Jana, Michael, and Abigail left this morning to head back down to the Houston area. It was a short, but sweet visit, and we've already discussed plans for them to come back in the summer.

Brian and I went for a five mile run together. I extended it by walking another two miles. I've been getting little more than five hours of sleep every night since the time change and I feel lie I'm having to drag my body around. Our pastor preached recently on the importance of observing a sabbath rest. Tomorrow is a busy day for us, so I'm thinking today is going to be my sabbath.

I've been following the She Reads Truth daily readings and devotional for Lent. They're going through Isaiah. Sometimes it's kinds hard to focus on Isaiah at 5:30 am., before the coffee really kicks in. I try to pay close attention, but my eyes get real heavy at times. Some of Isaiah is just hard to grasp. That said, I've been so blessed by the different studies I've done with She Reads Truth the last few months. I'm late discovering this tool, but sure am grateful for it!

Today is my grandmother's 87th birthday. I'm so glad we've had her with us this long!

Monday, March 20, 2017

I feel like I've been run over and left for dead. So glad that spring break is over! It wasn't that we did all that much, I just have trouble when I get out of my routine and things are too loose. It wears me down.

We've been staying up way too late since the time change. Early risers just don't fare well during daylight savings time. I would gladly go back to regular time! I got in a rare nap on Saturday afternoon. Then Brian took me out that evening. Every place we tried to go was so packed. We drove around forever attempting to get into places all over town, finally ending up at the Domain. We settled for splitting a lasagna at the bar at Maggiano's.

I got up and ran the nine mile run to Lake Austin and back. It's such a hard run, but I love it. Hills don't scare me; long, monotonous straightaways do though. Hill Country had a special service to discuss moving forward with building plans. They've purchased the last remaining piece of available land here in Steiner for the site of a church. It will be the only church building in the neighborhood. Two men talked about their prior experiences with building campaigns and sacrificial giving to the Church to see God's kingdom grow. I felt a real conviction that I should not be asking how much I should give,  but how much I should keep. I want to love open-handed. It's all His anyways.

After church we caravanned with Margaret to go pick up the Winn cousins at church and drive out to Burnet for a birthday party for my grandmother and her brother. Their birthdays are in February and March, and we've a;ways celebrated them together with a big family party. It was a whirlwind get together, not much more than a Hi & Bye. Still great to see everyone, especially the old folks.  Sam had to work last night, and the cousins needed to get back to town because they all started back to school the next day. It's strange to think that the next time we all get together will be for Margaret's graduation party.

My house is such a wreck today. I don't even know where to start to get it back to decency.

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