Tuesday, March 28, 2017

I've got the girls in the bath tub playing My Little Mermaid, and the dog outside. I should be getting ready to head over to Bible study, but I'm looking for distractions instead. Of course.
Yesterday was a full, productive day, as Mondays are wont to be. They're my Recovery Day. I try to do the bulk of the laundry that day, and this week is bedding week. As hard as it is to wash all the sheets, I love climbing in bed between fresh, clean white sheets and knowing that all the family (or at least all those that I was able to get to) are doing the same. I've switched to all white sheets for everyone but the little girls  - they're still using black and white ticking. I like having most of our things white. It may seem hard to keep clean, but actually I think it's much easier.
The girls and I walked to the park and spent an hour or so there. They played on the seesaw and picked wild onion flowers while I studied A&P. I did a whole house cleaning, made a decent dinner - black bean and sausage soup, jalapeno cornbread, spring mix salad, and fudgy brownies, did school with Hazel, went on a five mile run, and managed to cut both John and Brian's hair. It was a good day.
Margaret and Sam didn't work last night, so we were all home together for dinner. I cherish those times. Brian and I recommitted to having nightly Bible time at the beginning of the year, and we've been more consistent than we've been a a long time. We read through the book of genesis together and are now reading Matthew. We sing a hymn after reading, and have some prayer time. With all our busy schedules, it's comforting to come together each evening and worship together. It's not always peaceful and without grumbling, and the little girls usually want to get up and perform interpretive dance while we're reading or singing, but it could be worse.
Looks like a storm is rolling in, so I best get the girlies out of the tub.

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