Wednesday, July 10, 2013

This will be a test to see if anyone but Shortney reads my blog anymore. Haha. 

The summer is half over already. I feel as of it should just be getting started though. Margaret spent the first half of it working as a nanny for our friends Ben and Robyn and living at ther house at Mueller Austin near our old neighborhood. She did swim team with her old Patterson Piranha team, which she loved. She was able to ride over on a bike to Patterson from B & R's house every night. Swim team a d her nanny gig finished up last Saturday, so she's home for the rest of the summer. We all missed her a lot. It was a taste of what it will be like when she leaves home for college. 

The kids spent some time with each set of grandparents a week or so ago: half a week with one set and the other half with the other set. I think they have fun, but I was so ready for all of them to come home! Hazel was, too.

We had cousin camp for the past week. Eight kids in the house for a week, and nine for one day and night when Tommy joined the pack. It really wasn't too hard at all. The only challenge was trying to keep food on the table and in the pantry. We even managed to get all of them to the early service last Sunday. Our much larger house was a real blessing when hosting the gang. Everyone could spread out and still have room to spare. There was constant motion. There was always a group playing basketball or soccer. Or walking to the park. Or swimming. Or playing store. Or running through the woods behind our house. Or riding bikes up and down the street. Or playing restaurant in the kitchen.
I think everyone had a great time and made some wonderful memories.

For the last month we've been getting used to the idea of six Wells kids. Yes, we are expecting another, the final edition in February. I'm feeling good and looking forward to my first OB appointment this morning with Dr. Love. The big kids are thrilled and I'm sure Hazel will be, too. She's so mothering. It will be beyond her wildest dreams to have a real live baby to care for! It will be weird to have a newborn and a high school freshman! I her these things keep you young. I hope so, because I've felt pretty old and tired the last few weeks.
So there's the latest news. Hopefully I will get around to blogging again soon.