Sunday, February 9, 2014

Sunday morning here. The beginning of a new week, and I'm looking forward to some normalcy. The kids were out of school Monday through wednesday because of teacher training. I can't recall all we did, but one of the days we went into Austin and hit the library, P.Terry's, and Old Navy. There was a delayed start of school on Thursday because of icy road conditions, and then Friday school was canceled all together. I'll be honest, that many days with three red blooded, hot headed males in one house is too many. It was a good reminder why we don't homeschool, if I needed one. We took Margaret in to spend the weekend helping the Koplins, the family she often babysits for. On the way home I got milk shakes for everyone, which made me a hero.
We watched the opening ceremonies of the Olympics Friday night. At first I was then only one interested in watching, but eventually others joined me. Yesterday (Saturday) was a work day around here, and Brian had all the boys busy helping him change bulbs, hang blinds, replace door stops, and patch holes. It was a lazy day for me in that I just pretty much did what I wanted to, which was take a bubble bath, read, refashion a sweat shirt, and walk 8 miles. I didn't do all 8 at once, but divided it between two walks. I was hoping it would convince Olive to move down lower, but no. 
Last night we grilled burgers and i did homemade buns and oven oven fries, both Yukon and sweet. I never buy buns anymore unless we're having company because homemade are just so much better.  I use the "40 Minute Burger Buns" recipe floating around the web.
Seems like the days are moving by so slowly. I'm ready for these next two weeks no hurry up and go by so I can have Olive in my arms instead of my tummy! 

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Well, blogging from the couch because nice again I can't sleep. I never have trouble sleeping EXCEPT the last several weeks of pregnancy. I toss and turn all night. But it's one if the few complaints I hae about pregnancy, since overall I don't mind being pregnant. I actually feel pretty darn good when pregnant.

I'm 37 weeks now, which I guess means I'm fully baked. Sure would be nice or have an early delivery,  it I'm not getting my hopes up too much. I had a doctor's appointment last Friday. He didn't do much aside from the Group B strep test, and said he'd see me in who weeks instead of one. He gave me the option of coming in this week, but didn't feel it was necessary since I wasn't having anything unusual going on. So my next visit I'll be nearly 39 weeks. Unless Olive decides to pop out before then. 

I've been keeping up my walking. I don't believe it will make any difference in helping her come early, but it has helped me keep my head clear and stress-free. Crazy thing is that with all six babies I've managed to gain the same amount of weigh whether I'm exercising a lot or moderately (between 22 and 25 pounds). I've been getting in six miles every day lately, sometimes more. 

My sweet life long friend, Tasha, threw me a baby shower last Saturday. It was wonderful and I was so honored. Olive got lots and lots of clothes, which is great since she had one outfit to her name. I had passed on all my baby clothes to Brian's sister who has a little one a year younger than Hazel. We also received a new double jogger, a yellow duck umbrella stroller, a new diaper bag, and several adorable blankets. The super awkward moment occurred when my mom and Brian's mom arrived with the same big gift (jogging stroller). Not sure how this happened, but my mom had brought the stroller already assembled, so she won out as the gift giver. I took hazel for a spin in her new ride and she was as snug as a bug in a rug!

The kids have the first three days of this week off because the teachers have some sort of training to attend. The boys went to Brian's parents for the weekend and were still go e yesterday, so Margaret, Hazel, and I went thrifting in the morning. I found a mustard colored sweater from Anthropologie, a longish chambray shirt that I can wear now and later, and a retro magazine rack. 

A stomach bug has afflicted all of us to one extent or the other. First Brian, who seemed or have it worst of all (even passed out!), then Hazel. I was sick over the weekend and couldn't tell the difference between labor and a virus until we got a call saying all three boys had thrown up, too. I guess it wasn't labor. What a waste of pain! Margaret got sick on Sunday, and then my mom said she was sick with it yesterday. And not to be left out, her dog, Luther, threw up yesterday afternoon. 

Brian's birthday was last Friday. I cooked him a big meal since he likes food: two different,y seasoned pork tenderloins, stewed okra and tomatoes (his favorite side), oven roasted cabbage wedges with bacon (another favorite), pioneer woman's hot smashed red potatoes, a baby spinach salad, homemade dill onion rolls, and pioneer woman's Italian Cream cake. He was a happy guy.

Brian and Margaret have their half marathon in about a week and a half. Brian went out and ran a 12 plus mile trial run on Sunday afternoon. He hasn't done something like that in a long time and really proud of him for making the time to train for this thing! Margaret hasn't been getting Ina as many long runs, but with all the training she gets every day working out with her track coach at school, I'm sure she'll do fine. She also has youth on her side.

I've been plodding along with my reading list. I finished the small kindle book The Freedom of Self Forgetfulness by Tim Keller. Really hard words to read, but good. I have been picking up Pleasing God by RC Sproul as I have time, every other day or so. I mostly have only had time for my one year Bible though, which I am still loving! 

Well, Hazel has been rifling the pantry and already consumed a large percentage of a box of generic goldfish, so I'd better get busy making breakfast.