Friday, November 2, 2012

Blogging has become such an inconvenient thing to do these days. I MUST get back at it though!

Karen and I ran the Chosen Marathon last Saturday. Everything was perfect, except that I had a tummy ache for the first twenty or so miles. Beautiful weather, gracious volunteers, amazing scenery. We ran pretty well and finished in 4:17:18. 17 minutes off my PR, but not my worst time either. It was a fun experience, and i think Karen had a good time.

This week has been better than the last three, but we've still not done much school. I've felt so overwhelmed with all that we have going on right now, and for me, the easiest thing to let slide is school. Margaret and Samuel have been great this last month and continue their studies on their own without supervision. William and John need constant prodding and oversight, which I just haven't had the motivation to provide.
We've been researching school districts and looking for a house. That, too, is overwhelming. I guess we're too picky, at least about the house.
We have three different groups of people coming to rent our house this month. I was really stressing about it, but I've calmed down. It will nice to make a little extra money just in time for Christmas. We'll either go camp in our trailer or go stay with parents, one set or the other.
Tonight the church is having their second annual Fall Country Dance. I'm the decorating committee, so I've been running here there and everywhere collecting stuff to use. I love to decorate my own house, but it's awfully intimidating to be in charge of decorating a large public space like a church.
Hazel's first birthday party is this Sunday. Margaret and I have been searching pinterest for ideas. I think it's all coming together and is going to be really cute.
Oh, almost forgot, we all dressed up for Halloween. Brian was Uncle Sam and I was the Statue of Liberty. Margaret. William, and John were Indians. Samuel wanted to be Martin Luther, but we couldn't procure a robe in time, so he was either Shakespeare or some other man from the Renaissance. And Hazel was a pumpkin. The whole trick of treat thing was awfully confusing for her, but she got into it towards the end of the night, and would get put of her stroller a s walk up to the doors like everyone else.
Well, that is all I have time for right now. Here are some pics, all mixed up.