Wednesday, April 5, 2017

The girls and I sent everyone off to school and work and are trying to get stated on our day. I've been sick since Friday, which is a very long time for me to be sick and I am about to go crazy. I'm hoping this is the last day. I can usually will myself into good health, but the mind games haven't worked this time around.

I'm not sure when I last blogged, so here's a recap of the events of the last week.

William, Margaret, and Sam all had track meet on Thursday. Brian ran over to see William run at Vandegrift, but missed it. Marg and Sam was at Vista Ridge. Mama came to watch and we kept the little girls entertained for about five hours while we waited between running events. William wasn't happy with his race - 100m. I think he placed 8th. Not sure what his time was. Margaret ran varsity for both the 3200 and the 1600. The timing for the race wasn't well organized, and they still haven't released the times to Texas Mile Splits, but according to her Garmin, she ran a 12:10 two miler. I can't recall what she said she ran for the 1600. She placed fourth in both races. Sam ran both the 800m and 1600m again this week. He ran a 2 min. 800m which earned him first place, and a 4:31 1600m which was enough to win that race as well. He's been trying to break the school records in both races, but is still a second or two shy of it.

Marg and Sam worked over the weekend. We're getting used to one of both of them being gone and not able to participate in family movie and pizza night and other things like that. It was very stormy Sunday morning. Samuel was out for his long run when the tornado warnings went off. It was a nerve racking half hour while Brian tried to reach him on his phone to no avail. He drove all around Steiner looking for him. Margaret was finally able to make contact with friends that had been running with him and fount out that he'd been picked up by a friend over off Comanche Trail along Lake Travis. The rest if us hid out the tornado warning in our safe place: Hazel and Olive's playroom under the stairs.

Sunday was the twentieth anniversary of Brian asking me to be his wife. It was the best 'yes' I've ever said. We're such opposites in so many ways, but somehow we complete each other and our differences work together to make us a better union. We're truly a team. I'm glad he took a gamble on me. It still surprises me that he did. He's such a careful decision maker and doesn't jump into things. He's never been quick to commit to anything without careful research. And yet he proposed to me not even six months after our first date, and he broached the subject of marriage months before that! My eagerness to commit to him was also uncharacteristic. I was only 21 and enjoyed having boyfriends. It was fun, and I was young with more years of interesting, cute boys to meet before I ever thought of settling down. But then I was blindsided by this kind, introverted, somewhat awkward engineer. He was and is everything that I'm not: patient, quiet, calculated in his thinking, a planner, thorough, a listener. Would I do it again? Absolutely.

Yesterday I went to Bible study even though I wasn't feeling great. I am so very glad that I did! I've never been a part of a study that is so God honoring and opens up the Word to my understanding as these studies have done. I'm sad that this one will be ending soon, and I'll have to wait until fall to attend again.

William has his district track meet this evening. If he makes the top three or four he'll advance to the finals tomorrow. Margaret and Sam have their final regular season meet tomorrow, and then the district meet At Vandy next week. Sam will most likely advance to the area meet, but Margaret most likely won't as they don't allow JV to run beyond district, and she'll be running JV now that our varsity girls are back from Texas Relays.

And that's all the news for now. Off to water my house plants, all 534 of them.