Saturday, August 30, 2014

We survived the first week of the 2014-2015 school year. Once Margaret got all her classes straightened out she's decided this is going to be a fabulous year. She taking cross country again, soccer, pre-AP English, pre-AP chemistry, geometry, Spanish, painting II, and pre-AP world history. It's a challenging course load, but she seems committed to making it happen. She is thrilled to be back working out with her cross country friends. 

Samuel had some hiccups with his schedule and ended up in two art classes he had already taken instead of first year Spanish. Unable to switch, he's just making the best if it and enjoying having an easy class. Otherwise, he's taking pre-AP English, 8th grade math (pre algebra?), life science, US history, and of course the two art classes: art & theater arts. He also has two periods of athletics each day. He'll be playing 8th grade football this year. The Canyon Ridge Eagles have high hopes as they won district as 7th graders last year. Every afternoon he spends nearly two hours working out with his team. 

William is so excited to be at the middle school this year! He's taking pre-AP English, science, world history, PACE math, and art. He and Samuel have enjoyed walking to school together each morning this week. William's bike has been in the shop, and once it gets back to us, they'll ride together. William is also playing Pop Warner football for the Four Points Vipers. This is a first for him, and he's loving it. His team practices at the middle school right after Samuel's team finishes up. 

John is the only one at the elementary this year. He's had a bit of a rough week, but it usually takes a little time for him to adjust to something new. He'll probably fare much better next week. His big news is that he gets to be in a portable this year! :) Last spring John tested into the QUEST program for gifted learners, so he'll begin working with that group starting next week.

I have enjoyed my week at home with the little girls. Hazel talks my ear off and has a long list of task a for me to do. Olive has started doing new tricks, dragging herself across the room, moving (only backwards) in her walker, and feeding herself. She seems very curious and wants to try to grab everything she can. She jabbers and coos in her alto voice and Hazel often interprets what she says, "Olive said 'yes, sir!'." These girls are such a delight to spend my days with!

This week Hazel and I planted our little vegetable garden. We went to the library one day, thrifting, to see Brian at his office, and to the grocery store multiple times. We made Popsicle stick people, read so many books, cleaned house and folded mountains of laundry, ran and walked many miles with the double jogger, played at the park at sunset twice, painted and other crafty endeavors, and made cookies twice. 

Brian and I are training for an October marathon. We don't intend to train too much for it as we must want to finish it and not set any time goals. We are also signed up for the Austin. Marathon in February which we both hope to run well in. We've enjoyed getting out for many if our runs together. Last Sunday morning we did a ten miler before church. This weekend we have an eleven miler. 

Brian has been really busy at work. He was promoted to the supervisor of design over the architecture and engineering departments, though I'm not sure what his official title is. He hasn't been able to step into this role fully as he's still wrapping up that big Waller Creek Tunnel project downtown. 

I guess that's all for now. I have so many partially written blog posts that I've never posted over the year, so I'm just going to post this one without proofing it. If I wait too long it'll never get posted.