Sunday, March 26, 2017

I've fallen off on my blogging this week. I have been intending to blog every day, but computer troubles and busy schedules have kept me from it. 

Margaret and Sam worked quite a bit this week. Most parents I know choose to not let their kids work during the week, but we've chosen to let them decide what they can handle. I'd rather them carry a heavier load now and learn from it, than have it easy now and not be prepared for real life when they must carry a heavy load and there's no safety net. 

Brian, Margaret, Samuel, and I walked over to William's track meet at Canyon Ridge Thursday night. The four of us cheered him on in the 100m. He seemed pleased with his third place ribbon. As I was leaving I ran into an old Redeemer friend and his son. They attend our rival school. It was nice to see an old familiar face. It's funny, we haven't been to Redeemer since August, and yet almost no one has asked where we've been. I guess we haven't been missed. You'd think after being members for 16 years our absence would be noticed. 

We took William and John out of school early on Friday and raced down to Canyon HS in New Braunfels trying to make it to see Margaret run the 3200 at the Canyon Relays. She'd accidentally grabbed Sam's track jersey and hers was hanging in his closet. I ran up waving her jersey just as the start gun went off. She seemed to race just fine in his jersey. She ran a 12:30, earning her 3rd place in the JV race. Vandegrift has such a deep team that our JV track girls are all cross country state qualifiers. It's disappointing that Margaret most likely won't get to run in the varsity races, but it is what it is. We have two of the fastest freshman in the state, and since track only allow two and sometimes three runners per school per race, she's just gotta take what she can get. The heat and humidity was brutal and that black track didn't help anything. She was happy with how she did, but disappointed that Coach Sully didn't have her signed up for any other races. Brian's parents were there, and we hung around watching and waiting for Sam to run the 800m. It was an exciting race, mostly because we got a chance to see one of the fastest, if not the fastest high school runners in the country race three times. Sam raced against Sam Worley in the 800m and the 1600m. Worley won both, as well as being on the winning 4x400 relay team at the end of the meet. He was something to see! He'll be running for UT next year, so this isn't the last we'll see of him. He qualified to run in the Olympic Trails last year as a junior in high school, so I wouldn't doubt that we'll see him in the Olympics in 2020. 

Our Sam had a phenomenal race as well. He PR'd in the 800m with a times of 2 minutes, and ran a 4:30 in the 1600. He was a hair away from getting third place in the 800m, and got an easy 2nd in the 1600m. He was very happy, and so were we. 

We spent the night at the inlaws house in New Braunfels with the younger four, but Margaret and Sam had to ride the bust back home because both were scheduled to work the nest morning. It was a nice little getaway, even if just one night away. My father in law retires at the end of this week, and he and my mother in law were in a jolly, relaxed mood. 

Brian and I were supposed to get up and go for a nine mile run to the lake and back, but we got to bed so late that we put it off until this evening. We slept in instead and then made a mad dash to get to the early service at church. Margaret and Sam missed the memo that we were going to the earl service and went out on their long run early and then went to the second service. At least they made it to church. 

I don't have much of substance to write about. Right now my life consists of trying to keep my kids alive, maintaining sanity by running, falling in love with my husband and making him fall in love with me, desperate prayers, lots of audio books, and stressing about the gray hairs. 

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