Thursday, May 25, 2017

I'm so disappointed that I've neglected to blog in ever so long! So much life has happened worth noting, or at least that I'd like to remember, but I've been too bus to stop and type it out.

Margaret went to prom a couple of weeks ago. She was lovely in her peach skirt and brocade cropped top. She chose to go with a group of girl friends instead of a date. She was asked by three different guys, but turned them down. Not sure if I should feel proud or frustrated. She had so much more fun this year than last. not that last year was bad, but this being her senior year I think she was soaking it all up, cherishing the last moments together with her classmates.

We hosted a Mother's Day get together for the family here. Everyone seemed to have a good time. Our house has become the hub for family events in recent years, and I really don't mind at all. Both Brian and I enjoy hosting. After everyone left and things calmed down, Brian took me to dinner at Napa Flats where Marg and Sam work. It made me happy to watch them working. Margaret has just moved up to serving, and Sam is a busser.

William has been playing 7 on 7 football for the past month or so, so Brian and I meet over at Vandegrift and watch his practices and games on Wednesday nights. Not terribly exciting, as it's more practice than actual games, but it's a chance for Brian and I to spend a little time together. Our times alone are sometimes hard to come by, so we take what we can get.

William turned 15 on Monday. Brian and I took him to dinner at the place of his choosing, Kome on Airport Blvd. We let him in on the surprise trip to NYC in a couple of weeks. He was excited in his own way.

We took the kids out of school early on Wednesday and drove to Houston for the U2/Lumineers concert. We got to town a few hours early, so spent a little time walking around down town and West University Place. Over dinner we told John and Samuel about our upcoming trip. John didn't believe us. To John, New York City is the greatest place on earth bar none. He knows more about it than maybe some locals. He can tell you everything you want to know about all the important buildings. our flight leaves at 6:23 on his 13th birthday. To him, this is the ultimate birthday gift.

We missed half of the Lumineers because we spent too much time admiring the houses around Rice, but caught enough to renew my appreciation for them and their talent. U2 was amazing. Indescribable. It was so worth it!

I've been working like mad to pull together Claire and Margaret's graduation party. I have one week and so much left to do!

I start school on Wednesday. Thinking of it makes me exhausted. There's so much else going on right now. It is difficult to invest much energy or thought into it.

It's that time of year when the flies come in droves to vacation at our house. I've been listening to two buzz around me head while I type this. I guess I'd better turn out the lamp so they'll leave me alone.

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